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May 6th




• Experienced Attorney for 26 years with

a focus on Juvenile and Family Law

• Serving Blount County Community for

over 20 years

• A Proud United States Army Veteran

• Experienced, Passionate, Honest and


• Has handled 1000's of Juvenile Court

Cases in Blount County

• Avid supporter of local groups and

fundraisers that benefit the youth of

Blount County

About My Dad, Lance Evans

Hi my name is Chapman Evans. My entire life my dad has worked hard, 7 days a week, to help protect children and their families.  I have seen my dad commiserate while trying to help these people.  My dad has instilled values in me that you must always be honest, work hard, nothing is going to be handed to me and that my education is important.


My dad has taught me the most important lessons of my life. They are to always respect my elders, to be kind and nonjudgmental to those less fortunate than I am, to always lend a helping hand to those that need it, to love God, my country, my community, my family and my friends and ALWAYS STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT (This might get me in trouble sometimes!).


Because of his modesty, my dad won’t tell people his story.  But, I’m known for being an extrovert and don’t have a problem telling people about my dad.


1. He grew up on a farm and my grandpa and great-grandpa were both cowboys.  (YEEHAW!)


2. My dad has always been a hard-working man, he worked on the line at the Aluminum Plant, he drove semi-trucks, and he was a mechanic and welder for John Deere as a younger man.


3. He served in the U.S. Army and while he was in Germany he got his Bachelor Degree on his own by teaching himself.


4. When he got out of the Army he went to law school during the day while working as a security guard at night to pay his tuition.


5. For a looooooong time, 26 years, he has been an attorney helping people. (I want to be just like my role model when I grow up!!!)


6. My dad is a great listener, and he has the patience of a SAINT, because he’s teaching me to drive a “stick shift” car.


My father is MY HERO and since I’ve been helping him with his campaign lots and lots of kids, parents and grandparents, in our community, have told me that my daddy is their HERO TOO.





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